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24th - 28th June 2024

Trusted Standard is celebrating Small Charity Week! We have many videos with advice, support and guidance for those in a smaller organisation considering the Trusted Standard accreditation or going through their Trusted Standard journey.

See below to discover:

  • Advice from our accredited organisations, SAFE! and Trinity Winchester. 
  • Who can benefit from the Trusted Standard Accreditation
  • The support you will receive in your Trusted Standard Journey. 

Advice from our accredited organisations

Find out about our accredited organisations Trusted Standard Journey. 

You will hear from Paul Williams, Development Manager & Jenny Farthing, Company Secretary from Trinity Winchester and Chloe Purcell, CEO at SAFE!

Advice for small charities: what you should know before starting the process, how to get your team involved in the accreditation process and how to apply the Trusted Standard.

If you're new to us and would like to find out more, book a 1:1 with one of our team to discuss

The benefits of the Trusted Standard 

Find out from internal Trusted Standard team 

You will hear from Roger Chapman, Head of Service and Robin Hodgkinson, Licenced Trusted Standard Assessor.