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Trusted Standard remains the only accreditation for charities voluntary organisations supported by NCVO. It addresses all the essential areas necessary for the effective management and governance of charities and voluntary organisations.

Once you have completed your self-assessment and implemented your Trusted Standard action plans, you can apply for the Trusted Standard accreditation. You will have the choice to use the Trusted Standard or the Trusted Charity Standard logos and certificates. 

What is Trusted Standard?

Supported by the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO), Trusted Standard is a nationally recognised quality Standard awarded to your organisation after an external assessment. Achieving the Standard offers service users and funders external verification of the quality and credibility of your organisation.

You can apply to be assessed for the Trusted Standard after completing your self-assessment and implementing your Trusted Standard action plans. 

Once your application has been processed your organisation will undergo an external assessment which involves gathering evidence, reviewing documentation and interviewing staff, board members and volunteers. This is a two-stage assessment process. Stage 1 comprises a desktop review and, upon successful completion of Stage 1, the organisation will progress to Stage 2, namely an on-site (or remote) assessment.

The external assessment will be carried out by our Trusted Standard assessors – members of the voluntary and community sector who are trained and supported to carry out assessments of organisations against the Trusted Standard.

Trusted Standard Process


The price of your Trusted Standard assessment is based on:

  • the number of full-time equivalent staff in your organisation
  • the number of sites you operate across (see notes)
  • the level at which you are assessed.


Accreditation lasts for three years. Your organisation will need to come forward for a review assessment on or before the third anniversary of your accreditation. 


Staff (Full time equivalent)

Level 1 - one site

Level 2 - one site

0 to 5



6 to 15



16 to 25



26 to 49



50 to 100



101 to 200



201 to 500



501 to 800



801 or more


  1. These prices are based on organisations with one site or office. If you operate from more than one site or office, or you have more than 800 staff, please request a bespoke quote by email. You will need to provide details on the number of FTE staff and the number of sites you operate across.

  2. Full-time equivalent staff includes all paid staff and excludes volunteers.

  3. The above prices exclude VAT which will be applied, plus any reasonable assessor travel and subsistence expenses which will be charged at cost.

  4. NCVO/WCVA member discount. If you are a member of NCVO or WCVA you’ll get a 10% discount off the fees. Membership of these organisations offers a number of other benefits.

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