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Implement the Trusted Charity Standard principles through self-assessment

The Trusted Charity self-assessment is an online tool available through annual subscription.

It will enable you to:

  • review your progress in each quality area
  • identify appropriate evidence for each indicator that reflects your organisation’s way of working

You are able to undertake the Trusted Charity self-assessment against both levels of the Standard.  You will need to achieve Level 1 in all areas before progressing to Level 2.

With an annual online subscription, you will receive a free Trusted Charity in Practice guidebook that provides step-by-step guidance on undertaking your self-assessment and implementing the Trusted Charity Standard within your organisation.


Staff (Full time equivalent)


0 to 5


6 to 15


16 to 25


26 to 49


50 to 100


101 to 200


201 to 500


501 or more




  1. All prices exclude VAT which will be added to the price at purchase.
  2. Your subscription to the self-assessment is valid for 12 months and can be renewed annually.
  3. The subscription price is dependent on number of Full Time Equivalent (FTE) staff.
  4. Members of NCVO and WCVA benefit from a 10% discount.

Buy your Trusted Charity Self-assessment annual subscription

Supporting your self-assessment

Support is available throughout the self-assessment phase:

Trusted Charity Mentors

You can engage with one of our Trusted Charity Mentors who will be able to provide tailored advice and support on implementing the Trusted Charity Standard in your organisation.


You can attend our Implementing Trusted Charity workshop. See a full list of training dates on our Training and Events page.