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Keeping Trusted Standard assessments safe

As we continue to monitor the situation surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we have put a set of measures in place that will allow us to continue to work with your organisation in a way that suits you and our network of Trusted Standard assessors and mentors.

Our position

The welfare of our staff, clients and partners is our top priority and we are following the latest Government guidelines to help contain the spread of Coronavirus.

Prior to the pandemic, we had moved all of our staff to a fully agile approach, allowing them to operate effectively from any location. Taking this step meant that we were able to move quickly to working from home in line with government guidance.

At the start of the pandemic, we moved all of our quality standard assessments to remote delivery. Since then we have been conducting customer meetings, assessment interviews and site observations using telephone and video conferencing systems.

NCVO had also moved all Trusted Standard external assessments to a fully remote approach in April 2020. Now that The Growth Company has taken on delivery of all Trusted Standard activity on behalf of NCVO, we will continue this approach while we keep the current COVID-19 pandemic situation under regular review.

Trusted Standard External Assessments

Wherever possible, your organisation will be keen to try and continue as close as possible to business as usual. We’re the same for our accreditations.

We conduct Trusted Standard external assessments using interviews and site tours. While both activities have traditionally been in person, our experience since April 2020 is that these activities can be delivered just as effectively using video conferencing and telephone calls. Our experience has been supported by external reviews.

Your assessor can use a range of methods to speak with your people individually and in groups. There are lots of options available to us including Teams, Skype, Zoom or telephone. Or, if you have another platform in place already – your assessor will be happy to use it.

Your assessor is also able to adjust the composition and number of people they speak to – allowing assessments to go ahead with the staff and volunteers who are available whilst maintaining the robustness of your assessment.

We recognise that each of our customers is different and will have taken different steps to adapt their operating model to the pandemic. If you have specific reasons for wishing elements of your assessment to be delivered in-person, please contact us so that we can discuss how best to balance your needs, ensure the robustness of the assessment and keep everyone safe.

Where the current situation means that your organisation will not be able to complete your Trusted Standard external assessment on time, even with the use of the remote methods mentioned above, please let your assessor know. They will be able to work with you and us to agree a revised schedule for your review.


Further Information

If you have any other concerns or specific requests about how you’d like us to work with you, please do not hesitate to get in touch

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